was created because most IRC servers are linked to European servers and or their networks.  Because of this, the whole network will usually follow these speech code rules and their law’s restricting speech even though many are located in the USA as well.  This prevents free speech about ideas not in line with certain politics not popular in those nations or the criticism of political positions or religions. In some countries, criticizing or questioning another person’s religion is a crime.  There are many large IRC servers where there are examples of #rooms being closed by administrators because someone was ” offended “.  In the USA, you don’t have the right to not be offended.

    Initially, only one server was in use on However, quickly became a network with several servers. Since all servers connected to are located in the USA, there are no speech codes and the freedom of speech prevails under the US constitution. While the server owners will enforce network wide bans on certain conduct such as threats to others and what would otherwise be considered promotion of certain -actual- extremist ideas that would tend to infringe on others individual right to exist or what would just be worthless contributors to this network, #channel operators are free to run their channels as they wish without interference from server administrators.  With that said, server owners reserve the right to deny service to anyone to protect this network from criminal activity as well. welcomes everyone from anywhere in the world, however we do not interfere with channel operations unless it violates a few of the networks few rules found in the MOTD and RULES or is illegal in the USA.  If you are offended by a user, in other words, use /ignore or ban them in your #room.’s birthday was 1-28-2019 and we hope to have many more.